domenica 22 maggio 2011

Join the KTE Roadtrip 2011 from Sylt to Lamezia

40 Riders - 3 Countries - 1 Loungeliner - This is the KTE Roadtrip 2011!

We are happy to team up with Kite Worldwide and offer you a great opportunity to get from the KTE Germany in Sylt to the KTE Italy in Lamezia in a low-cost yet comfortable way. The Loungeliner's secret: a complete bar including music equipment and drinks during a real Kitesurfer's Tour through Europe...
Since the events in Germany and Italy are taken place in a rather short time period, we thought about a nice and low-budget yet comfortable way to bring the riders from Sylt to Lamezia. So we are happy to team up with Kite Worldwide, one of the most popular tour operators for premium kiteboarding travels around the world. If you're looking for the most awesome kiteholidays worldwide, far away from mass tourism, windless spots and crowded beaches - this is the way to go!
The bus will leave from Niebüll (first train station in Germany coming from the island of Sylt) and drive all the way down to the event in Lamezia, Italy - a real Kitesurf(er) Tour Europe! In order to make the ride as comfortable as possible, the bus has a lounge to chill out and which can be transformed into a bar with music while resting. 
Start: July 4th, 2011 from Niebüll to Lamezia via Hamburg, Munich and Verona
Arrival in Lamezia: July 5th, 2011
Return: July 10th, 2011 from Lamezia to Hamburg via Munich and Verona
Arrival in Hamburg: July 12th, 2011
Price: Infos on Monday, May 23rd

Luggage per Person: 1 Bag (20Kg) and 1 Kitebag (30Kg)
The DEADLINE for booking the trip is JUNE 02nd and we have to have at least 40 people to make the trip happen. If it is less than 40, the trip will be cancelled.
Make your friends join the KTE on Facebook at and a discount will be given to all the riders joining the tour as soon as we reach 3000 Fans - let's get the KTE out there!

Magic Moments touristic services

In the travel info page you can find all the contact details of Magic Moments, which is at riders and attendants disposal with its touristic service.


 There are open the online admission for the KITESURF TOUR EUROPE (click here)

Online detailed photos of the spot

Online detailed photos of the spot  (click here) and the floor plan (click here)